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the crew

Hi! We are Peaks and Valleys Farmstead, a small veteran owned and operated farm just outside of Boise, ID. After spending 15 years in the active duty military world we have switched out our boots and finally set roots! Our farm is small yet full of life, much like our family. We're a wild bunch but we wouldn't have it any other way! We are glad you are here and we look forward to sharing our farm with you!  



Tiff can usually be found in the garden whispering sweet nothings to the plants and insects as they grow. She hates wearing gloves and desperately wants a herd of Scottish Highland cows. She fancies a good whiskey and quietness when she's not working the garden. 


Brian is the carrier of all heavy things on the farm. He is particularly focused on the garden's soil composition and health. He always forgets to wear sunscreen. His favorite garden tool is the scuffle hoe and he can't wait to make some farm swag with it as a logo. He loves a cold Blue Moon and falling asleep to audio history books. 



Chloe is the oldest of the three clowns that we feed and shelter. She hates this picture as her profile picture because it doesn't show how hard she actually works on the farm. Her favorite garden food is raspberries. She can usually be found fluttering around singing an original song about something irrelated to the garden. Chloe drinks us out of house and home when it comes to milk which will make having a milking cow very useful.



Jackson is self identified as "not much of a worker" and tends to sneak off the first sign of the parents being distracted. He prefers to volunteer as the water bottle filler and ATV Uber driver. He can be coerced into helping in the garden if throwing vegetables like footballs is on the agenda. Jack isn't too picky when it comes to a favored drink... as long as it is loaded with sugar and not healthy he's in.


Our "tiny little baby" of the family really isn't a baby anymore at all. She is the only one in the family born in Idaho and  has proven to be a true Idahoan through and through. Afraid of nothing and always wanting to get her hands dirty, Emma will be the kid to take over the farm. She is best at taste testing all produce during harvest, you know, to make sure it passes the QC standards. Emma prefers Shirley Temples or any drink that someone else has. 



Brian, aka Grandpa Chew, is recently retired and helps out around the farm a lot. He is our "know how" guy and pretty much a jack of all trades. He is 'highly overworked and substantially underpaid', but secretly he loves it. He can usually be found sitting in the creek with a Tito's-cran when he's not being worked to the bone by "Little Bri" whom he has affectionally named, "The Tyrant". 


Gramma Janet is also recently retired and loves to be on the farm with the kids and animals alike. Janet's main task is to help keep the garden weed free and the kids fed. She is a constant source of positivity and chipper-ness on the farm. Known for her "ow, ow, ow" call, Gramma Janet is a real hoot all around. Her beverage of choice is whatever Chew is having. 

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