The three little pigs...

We did it, we took the plunge and got ourselves 3 little piggies. They are Mangalica x American Guinea Hog. The Mangalica pig is most known for its flavorful meat being named the "Kobe beef of pork". This is due to its high fat content, which makes it an ideal hog for rendering lots and lots of usable lard. The American Guinea Hog is a champion forager and perfect for a small homestead/farm. They are great scavengers and are known for eating small yard rodents and even snakes!

We drove about 2 hours each way to pick up our new pigs and the girls were very excited to hold them on the way back. Turns out they were bigger and much squirrel-ier than anticipated so into the transport kennel they went. Once home, the pigs quickly settled in nicely into their new pen, with our littlest farmer making sure their straw bedding was juuuuust right because, and I quote, "I want to make sure they have a happy life before we kill them". #farmkids

Overall, we are pretty excited to have pigs this year and hope they are as easy to raise as everyone says they are!

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