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Membership Options

Membership#1- 4 person share of veggies and fruit

$900 ($45/week) 

  • veggies and fruit enough for 4 person household (approx. 2-4lbs of each item)

  • first priority in limited availability produce

Membership#2- 2 person share of veggies and fruit

$700 ($35/ week)​

  • veggies and fruit enough for 2 person household (approx. 1-2lbs of each item)

Egg add-on- 

$100 ($5/week)

  • One dozen egg every week with CSA box​

the dirt

What is a CSA?

In short 'CSA' stands for community supported agriculture. It is a model of food distribution that directly connects farmer to consumer and visa-versa. Not only does this promote a more sustainable way of farming, it also creates a streamlined distribution between producer and consumer. This 'new age' (yet old school system) eliminates long transport times, middle man mark ups, and the need for chemical usage to maintain freshness. A CSA provides produce with much higher nutrient density, an incredible freshness, and frankly, better tasting produce.

Fresh produce weekly...

Every farm who sells via CSA memberships do it a little differently. At our farm, we offer a 20 week 'season' in which a member will receive a share of fruits, vegetables, and eggs (depending on their membership choice) enough for 2-4 heavy veggie eating adults. Each week your share will be comprised of a well rounded cache of perfectly ripe produce, ranging anywhere from 8-15 items depending on season and successful harvests. 

Our CSA...

There are many variable when it comes to producing a market garden. This often results in an abundance of produce throughout the season that the farmer will be able to pass onto the member through extra offerings of certain produce as available. Other times this leaves the farmer short on a crop that they would have expected to successfully harvest. This ebb and flow of farming is what makes it exciting every year for the farmer but understandably so may seem risky for the member. 

To mitigate this risk, we as a farm have limited the number of members we are currently accepting to a very comfortable number of 20 members for 2021. We are highly confident on our ability to provide a well rounded offering each week for this amount of members. As we grow as a farm and CSA, we fully expect to extend our growing season through greenhouse growing and frost protection methods which will allow us to accept more members in the future and extend our season. 

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